Working Papers

Who Benefits from Surge Pricing? (Job Market Paper).

Last Updated: October 2020

Surge Pricing Solves the Wild Goose Chase. With Dan Knoepfle and Glen Weyl.

Last updated: March 2018

Service Quality in the Gig Economy: Empirical Evidence about Driving Quality at Uber. With Susan Athey and Bharat Chandar.

Last updated: January 2020

Are Elasticities Greater in the Long Run? Beyond Le Chatelier's Principle.

Last updated: May 2019.

Published Papers

The Logic of Violence in Drug War. With Dorothy Kronick.

American Political Science Review, 114(3), 874-887, August 2020.Online Appendix | SSRN

Scarcity without Leviathan: The Violent Effects of Cocaine Supply Shortages in the Mexican Drug War. With Daniel Mejía and Pascual Restrepo.

The Review of Economics and Statistics, 102(2), 269-286, May 2020.Online Appendix | Code and Data | SSRN

Enhanced violation of a Leggett-Garg inequality under nonequilibium thermal conditions. With Luis Quiroga and Ferney Rodríguez.

Physical Review A, 88, 022104. August 7, 2013.arXiv

Other Publications

Purchasing COVID-19 Vaccines at Risk: Costs and Benefits for Latin America and the Caribbean.

With Amrita Ahuja, Susan Athey, Arthur Baker, Owen Barder, Rachel Glennerster, Michael Kremer, Scott Kominers, Greg Larson, Jean Lee, Jonathan Levin, Jessica Pickett, Christopher Snyder, Alex Tabarrok, Brandon Tan, Duc Tran and Witold Więcek.Inter-American Development Bank. 2020.

Narcotráfico y violencia. With Daniel Mejía.

In Por una América Latina más segura: Una nueva perspectiva para prevenir y controlar el delito. Corporación Andina de Fomento. 2014.